This design was born in a set design meeting when brainstorming on what to change the stage to. I wanted to avoid a design that had 90-degree angles while everyone else wanted to use metal, so I turned our research process to an inspiration to Frank Gehry. After looking at a few of his designs we were all convinced.

I suggested that we recycle our current wall structure from the past Grace On Earth series. We attached new metal flashing to the previous set, this made the set mobile and storable. The metal is aluminum flashing that is commonly used in rooftop construction; the inexpensive metal was
a practical material that can be easily found at
the local hardware store.

The vibrant colors that are reflecting off the flashing come from ten LED. The lights allowed us to change the look for each series and image on the screen with one stage design. 

With this stage design I also had the opportunity to teach at a conference called Dirt in Arkansas, where I won an award for “Best Created From Scratch Design”.
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