Project Year: 2022

One of the many things that we have done to our downtown Orlando mid-century home is replace the traditional AC system with a mini split system. Our traditional AC system needed to be replaced, including the duct work, so when I did the proper manual J I learned why the back bedroom was never cold or hot; the attic was too short to support the proper duct sizes. I could have made it work, but when doing the math and factoring comfort I concluded I was up for the challenge of installing a complete whole house mini split system. This is not typical in the United States but is very common around the world. After a ton of research, I landed on a design incorporating an LG HVAC system. I started by drafting a plan and submitting it to the city permit office and then ordered all the equipment online.

Install Notes | Since the house is primarily on a crawl space, I was able to run all the line sets, drain lines and power under the home. By utilizing the crawl space, I was also able to install the wall units on the interior walls, so they would not be the first thing you saw when entering a room. This is also not common for mini split systems since it is easier to install on an exterior wall and run all the utilities outside. By having a crawl space, I was able to use gravity to drain out the wall units instead of mini pumps at each unit, this was great for reducing another component of potential failure. I ran power to each compressor and then ran the line sets and power/data cables to all the wall units with the help of Alexis Sammons. After all the wall units were hung, line sets were ran and the compressors mounted, I had a local HVAC company come and connect the units and charge the systems. I decided it was better to hire this part of the job out due to requiring a HVAC license and for warranty.

The result is wonderful, we have individual control in each room and it’s all connected to our app and Google home. 

Compressor 1 (18,000 BTU)
-Living Room, wall 18K unit

Compressor 2 (24,000 BTU)
-Main Bedroom, wall 12k unit
-Kitchen, wall 12k unit

Compressor 3, 7k unit (36,000 BTU)
-Bedroom 1, 7k unit
-Bedroom 2, 7k unit
-Office, 7k unit
-Rear lounge/porch, 9k unit

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